1. Getting Started: Transition Plans, Timelines, and Checklists

Information and Resources:

Health Transition begins at age 14 and can continue throughout the young adult’s twenties. There are activities that both families and the teen and young adult should be doing at each step along the way. For example, families can help teens and young adults take more responsibility for their health. This includes such things as helping them learn how to make their own doctor appointments or making sure that they understand their own health conditions. Another task is to review options for insurance and medical decision-making.

Checklists show you all the tasks that can help you and your family member during the transition process. They can help determine whether a teen or young adult is ready and able to do a task independently, with help, or not at all. Timelines tell you what activities are appropriate at each age.

Once you know what needs to be done, you can work with your family member to put together a transition plan. The plan outlines the tasks as well as the steps and the timeframe needed to complete each task.

There are a number of resources that combine transition plans, timelines, and checklists. Some are specific to a certain state, but all have valuable information.

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