9. Changing Roles: Letting Go/Taking Charge

Information and Resources:

As your family member moves through the transition years, you will be encouraging him or her to take more responsibility. This includes learning how to do health-related tasks, how to ask for assistance when needed, and how to become more independent. This can cause much anxiety for families. You may want to see your family member take more responsibility but fear the risks of doing so. Often it helps to hear other families’ views on this. Resources to help you are:

A resource that explains why it is important to help your son or daughter be more in charge of their health is:

You may want to connect with other families online or by phone. Parent to Parent state-wide programs give you an opportunity to do so. Regional groups set up by Parent to Parent can help address your local concerns. To find out if your state has a Parent to Parent sponsored group go the Parent to Parent USA website at:

Sibling Support groups may exist in your region also. Here are some resources for siblings:

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