Teens and Young Adults

1. Getting Started: Transition Plans, Timelines, and Checklists

Information and Resources:

One way to be more responsible for your health is to understand how your health affects your everyday life. Can you explain your health concerns to others? Maybe you can learn how to make your own doctor appointments or take your own medications. You also can talk to your family members about health insurance and making medical decisions.

Checklists can help you with some of the activities that you need to do. They can also help you know if you are ready to do activities and tasks on your own or if you need support from other people in your life. And timelines tell you what activities you should be doing when you are at each age, such as when you are 14, 18 or 21.

Once you know more about what needs to be done, you can start working on making a health transition plan. This step-by-step plan would include activities and the times for you do each one of these activities or tasks.

Here are some of the resources that include transition plans, timelines for the different activities, and checklists you can use:

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