Teens and Young Adults

2. Health Goals in Individualized School and Community Plans

Information and Resources:

You can work on your Individualized Service Plan at person-centered planning meetings with your service coordinator. You can also include a group of people who know you best and want to help you to have the life you want. This is your Circle of Support.

For both your IEP and ISP it is important for you to learn how to work together with teachers, guidance counselors, service coordinators, your family and your Circle of Support. You want to make sure that the goals that are important to you are included. You may want to have health goals as part of your ISP.

To learn more about this, the following resources will help:

Conflicts (when people disagree) can happen when advocating for change or when people are working or planning together. Here are tips on how to fix a problem where everyone can be happy with the solution:

  • Steps for Fixing a Problem Where Everyone is Happy (KASA)
  • Youth Self-Advocacy groups such as KASA (Kids as Self-Advocates) can be very helpful in learning how to be involved with your health goals within your education program and in the community. KASA is an organization to help students with health self-advocacy. You may want to connect with KASA to find resources and support.

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